бон джови dead or alive

“DEAD OR ALIVE” is an exact reproduction of the world famous rock group Bon Jovi.

Every little detail down to the last hair strand has been recreated in this incredible show. The Look, sound, instruments, comedy, and interaction between “Richie and Jon”…you name it, this show has it.

Every character looks exactly like the real person to whom they are paying tribute to.

If you really want Bon Jovi at your event then “Dead or Alive – The Bon Jovi Experience” is what you need!

@watsonvillian did I not go through it in the video?

It's kinda pushed so the changes are not happening on the beat...

But I can't recall it exactly right now.@notalentc1 no tabs on the site for a few years, but I do publish them in songbooks, but for this song it's not a whole tab - just tab for the intro, chords and strumming patterns. That was back in July I asked...about six months after I started. I watched the video many more times and got it down pat with the F barre in it now.

Funny how I see things now compared to when I first started.

I am enjoying practicing this song very much, I honestly cant believe that I am able to play it at all.

Two questions;*Justin suggests picking the intro riff in this sequence; down, up, down, up; as in an exercise in a future lesson. *The hammer part where Justin hits the A string of the G chord; is that a bit of a hammer/ flick off, just hammering the string is not very loud for me.

Thanks, LTHi Justin, I have a question about the intro (thanks for the superior clarity on showing frets and fingerings!

) - you say to do a "down-up-down-up" picking action on the intro.